Since the formation of the society, it became evident to the members that one of the primary tasks was to empower the poorer sections of society with their rights and the exercise of the same. The society has made tremendous efforts in educating the people about the Right to Information Act and its role in transparent implementation of the NREGA schemes. There have been several instances of NREGA beneficiaries seeking information under the RTI Act to have copies of Muster Rolls and other information. This has resulted in greater transparency in implementation of schemes. Another positive development has been that information relating to NREGA is now made available within 7 days as per the provisions of the Act.

The efforts on the part of the society have also led the government to formally define the role of the Labour Department in enforcement of the provisions of the Minimum Wages Act 1948, Equal Remuneration Act 1976 and the Payment of Wages Act 1936 in respect of NREGA labourers. The society had taken up non-payment issues with the district labour department on 01.10.2008 but the department had declined to take any action on the plea that the labour department was outside the purview of the NREGA. The matter was then taken up under the RTI Act with the PIO cum Joint Labour Commissioner, Ranchi on 10.12.2008, who then sought an opinion from the PIO cum Deputy Secretary, Rural Development Department, Ranchi vide letter No. 161 dated 30.01.2009. Subsequently, the State Labour Employment and Training department, Ranchi defined the roles of the labour department officials vide Kkikad % 2@Jekå dkå (eå eqå vå) & 01@2008 Jå fuå 752 jk¡ph fnukad 5@6@2009 and i=kad 67 (xks) fnukad 13-08-2009- The Assistant Labour Commissioner was also authorized to decide cases involving delayed payments.