As   part of our measure   to promote and contribute to ecological balance, the society has planted quite a number of trees and flowering plants in the school campus. The school centre has been taken as the starting point to serve as a model for the entire region so that people understand the need to take up afforestation on their own or in association with the society for the purpose of environmental conservation and ecological balance. The children of the school will automatically participate in such activities in the school and take the idea back home to other people. ‘Green with beauty’ is the vision and making it a movement of mass participation is our mission.  The  next  logical step,  therefore,  is  the  development of  a  nursery  to serve  as  both  a  research  centre  and  a distribution point. The society has planted the following species of trees and plants at the school site.


Name of plant Numbers Name of plant Numbers
Papaya 43 Guava 15
Mango 9 Sapota 9
Sandal Wood 12 Indian Gooseberry(Amla) 4
Acacia 2000 Bougainvillea 6
Roses 33 Misc.-Banana, Neem, Ashok etc.  


State Bank of India's - I plant tree for my future - CSR programme


We are thankful to Mr. Sutanu Chakrabarti, AGM (SMECC), SBI, Jamshedpur for identifying our school 'Dalma Vidyasthali' for planting 10 saplings of fruit bearing plants under the SBI's - I plant tree for my future - CSR programme. We also appreciate the spirit of Mr. Dhirendra Kumar Srivastava and Mr. Sriniwas Sharma from the SMECC, SBI, Jamshedpur who braved the inclement weather condition on 29.07.2013 and travelled 40 km away from Jamshedpur to the school centre at village Kandrujona in the Boram Block of East Singhbhum district to extend a helping hand to the school students.