Whilst education for the needy in the rural remained the main focus the members decided it was also important to educate the rural poor about their basic rights and how to achieve them. The rural poor does not only comprise of needy children they have people of all ages and groups. To help the society at large some substantial steps have been taken which are enumerated below:

NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act): The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) of the Government of India guarantees 100 days of job to every eligible rural household. However, the awareness of this Act amongst the  rural poor is very low and even where ........ more

Taking up the cause of NREGA labourers: The Society had on 22.06.2009 filed cases in the District Labour Court, Jamshedpur on behalf of 20 NREGS labourers from Rasik Nagar village under Section 15(2) of the Payment of wages Act 1936. .......... more

Participation in State Level Training for Social Audit: The society was invited as one of the participants at the State Level Training for Social Audit from 15th to the 19th July 2009 at SIRD, Ranchi, Jharkhand (India) organized by the NREGA Commissioner. ........ more

Right to Information Act (RTI) and NREGA: Since the formation of the society, it became evident to the members that one of the primary tasks was to empower the poorer sections of society with their rights and the exercise of the same. .......... more

Co-ordination with Local Officials: The Society has been coordinating with the local Labour Department officials in educating the labourers about the various labour laws applicable to the nature of activities they are associated with. ........ more

Extending a helping hand to the old and deprived- Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme : As per the Union Cabinet decision dated 13.09.2007, every BPL (Below Poverty Line) 2002 person who has attained the age of 65 (reduced to 60 years by the Union Cabinet decision dated 10.06.2011) is ...... more

Distribution of Blankets: The society is in touch with several social organizations as well as individuals who have concern for the poor and the needy. With help from, and association of, such individuals and social organizations, several blankets have been ......... more

Contribution to, and promotion of, sports: The Society intends to develop and promote sports in the region. It has plans to set up a sports club in Patamda, primarily, to promote the game of football which is a major sporting activity in the region. ........ more

Environment, Conservation and Ecological Balance: As part of our measure to promote and contribute to ecological balance, the society has planted quite a number of trees and flowering plants in the school campus. The school centre has been taken as the starting point ....... more

Public Utility: In the summer of 2007, almost all the 159 villages of Patamda and Boram Blocks had acute crisis of safe drinking water. The volunteers of the Society conducted a survey of almost all the villages from April 2007 to July 2007 to collect applications from the villagers ....... more

Promotion of General Awareness: The volunteers of the society have been continuously interacting with the villagers discussing their problems, making them aware of their rights and duties and suggesting remedies within the social and legal framework. ...... more